Info / Bio

Genre: Doom / Stoner Rock

Homebase: Salzburg, Austria

Born: 2011


A world created from the darkness of ourselves, the homogeneous perfection of the nature and the consequent discrimination of our community. All that and more surrounds the Band Sativa Root and consequences their motivation to create their special kind of music. But not that bad attributes alone provokes the Trio to write such hypnotic sounds.
Since they captured the witch into an antique box , her cursed soul gives the band an occult energy which influences their songs with a lot of dark power. 

As a result of that they always have the box joining them on every show which Sativa Root plays to get the full support of this trapped dead soul. From 2011 till 2014 they created a 
huge variety of songs in different styles to find an unique sound which fits perfectly to Sativa Root and their way of thinking. 
In addition to that they played shows with Kylesa, Dopethrone, Weedeater, Black Tusk, Red Fang, Naam, Toner Low, Planet of Zeus, Ufomammut, Black Rainbows and many more. In august 2013 Sativa Root have been on tour together with their friends OTEHI (IT) for one week and in summer 2014 they went on road again with their friends of LES LEKIN(AUT). After a long way of transformation and band member changes they accomplished their old scheme with the "Sativa Root EP". From 2015 they began to redefine themselves and started with the "Dark Days EP" a new area of time. With a pure and raw instrumental Doom, a fist full of Sludge Metal and spooky psychedelic parts they will put you in a head banging trance.