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We are a registrated assosiation to support music an arts.


M.W.A. is short for „Music with Attitude“. And this is what it’s all about. It’s a platform by artists for artists. We don’t do contracts, fees or anything like that. We do it just because we love it.


We support bands and artists to get what they need (gigs, tours, contacts and more). We also organize our own shows with international artists and fill the support slots with bands from our roster and also interesting new bands.


We organize a label-night twice a year where only M.W.A-bands are on stage.


Our executive members are all artists (mostly musicians) themselves.


So if you are an artist, a band, a booker, a venue, or even just interested in what we do, get in touch! Cheers!


The girls and boys from M.W.A.







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