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Genre: Heavy Psych / Doom

Homebase: Rome, Italy

Born: 2011


The band starts in brand new mood in March 2011 in Rome. The name of the band is taken from Lakota language and it wold mean a kind of negative karma, a bad time for tribe. The trio (Maciej Ryszard Mikolajczyk (Bass/Voice), Domenico Canino (Guitar/Effects/Voice) & Vito Zito (Drums) approaches to a dirty , heavy distorted and granitic sound, sometimes clean and acid, full of energy and experimentations. In August 2011, the band give birth to "Noisy Spirit", the first low-budget EP, which enjoyed an immediate success in the underground scene, thanks to it's raw and innovative sound. In 2012 Corrado Battistoni took the place of Vito at the drums, and the musical background of the band undergoes a major transformation. In the same year Otehi recorded the second EP called "Rise Of The Elements". From 2013 to 2014 the band worked on the first LP, "Dead Chants And Forbidden Melodies", a concept album that encompasses all the feelings, musical experimentations and the fascination for the nature, the shamanism and the occult. Currently Otehi are searching for new languages of musical expressions, taking power from their brotherhood and different musical influences.


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