Info / Bio

Genre: Stoner Rock

Homebase: Linz, Austria

Born: 2009


In 2009, Far Away Town left the past to head into a new age of fuzz as a three-piece. There unique style as a hybrid of stonerrock, desert blues, heavy rock, a load of fuzz and – of course – psychedelic parts is reflecting there influences of several heavy sounds. Always heading forward, this stonerrock-trio released one demo CD, 2 EP’s, one 7″ single split EP,one 12″ vinyl and a live record. Far Away Town played more than 100 shows so far including one italia/sardinia-summer-tour and a load of supportshows for no less than Brant Bjork&the Bros, Truckfighters, Dozer, Brain Police, Sungrazer, The Machine, Deville and many more. Neadless to say, these guys are comin´ up with heavy riffs and desert sounds – always headin´ for the real fuzzz.