Info / Bio

Genre: Heavy Psych / Stoner

Homebase: Hallein, Austria

Born: 2011


Hugo Pernovski, aka GREY CZAR: born in 1830, died on a Sunday morning. Diagnosed DIS, all four personalities reincarnated around 1980 in Hallein Austria. Around approximately 2011 congrigated to alienate the world with their sound. GREY CZAR a polyheaded band that laps around a wall of vocals, with drums, two guitars and bass. In pernovskian manner this four piece has autonomously released two spinning discs, a selftitled LP in 2012 and the EP „ The Men Who Harvest The Sea“ in 2014. Here is already new material, treasured for a brand new Longplayer in nearing future. Their music is earthy, sometimes calm, filigree melodic, then it's driving riffdominated. Pernovskis compositions are multiply influenced and culminate in straightforward, dusky dark rock.